Wellness in the Workplace: A Holistic Approach to Combating Absenteeism

October 12, 2021 | Health & Wellness, News
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Reframing absenteeism


Absenteeism refers to employees habitually missing part or all of their shifts, typically due to external factors. While absenteeism does directly affect a company’s bottom line, by viewing it only from the side of the business owner one can miss the true causal factors and treat the symptoms rather than the illness. Absenteeism should be viewed not as a monolithic problem with one solution, but as a signal that there are obstacles that employees need help overcoming. 

Employees miss work for a variety of reasons, from transportation and childcare needs to mental and physical health issues. A one-size-fits-all policy for sick time may not be enough to adequately address the needs of a workforce. By thinking proactively and holistically about employee wellness, companies and their employees can be better prepared to tackle obstacles together. 


Physical wellness is perhaps the more obvious example. By offering healthcare benefits, healthy meal opportunities, and education and activations such as office yoga, companies can encourage their employees to take care of their bodies and subsequently reduce absenteeism in the long term. But mental health is equally important, and should not be overlooked. The benefits of mindfulness and meditation are profound and have a lower barrier to entry than perhaps other forms of mental health treatment like talk therapy. By taking the time and effort to address employee mental health, companies can help reduce the stigmas associated with seeking treatment. 


TPG is proud to offer such benefits to all employees, as well as providing employees with a hearty balanced lunch to better fuel their workdays. Our new location will feature a meditation room, where employees can take a moment to decompress and refocus. We have always felt that keeping a connection to nature is restorative, and with our on-site greenhouse we are able to continue to celebrate local flavors and stay grounded.


We are always looking for ways to improve and advance and keep an open line of communication with our employees to learn how we can help them live their healthiest lives, both in and out of the office or kitchen.


Each company will have to find its own solutions based on the specific needs of its employees. But by providing employees with the tools they need to thrive, companies and their employees can both benefit.


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