The TPG Wellness Room – Available

January 24, 2022 | Health & Wellness

The Paramount Group is excited to unveil our employee wellness room!


We all sometimes need a moment to recharge, a place to meditate or pray, or maybe an out-of-the-box location for a quick meeting. That is the initial purpose behind our employee wellness room: a private getaway. But it’s also so much more. Designed with meditation in mind, our wellness room is complete with incense, sound machine, sound bowl, comfortable seats, cloud light, and even remote-controlled candles – everything one might need to refocus and re-energize.


We are big believers in holistic wellness – that is, striving for wellbeing for body and mind, through as many channels as possible. Read on to see how our wellness room activates our senses, and the role that plays in the overall wellness of our employees.

Wellness through what we smell

Smell is one of the most powerful senses and probably the most underrated. In addition to having the ability to transport us to a time when we encountered a particular fragrance, certain smells can increase overall mood and productivity. In our room, we have a diffuser and a full line of essential oils from ZaVbe. Different scents can trigger different reactions – we tend to focus on lavender, vanilla, or sage to help us relax. For a little wake-up or energy boost, we’ll use citrus, peppermint, or eucalyptus.

Wellness through what we hear

Sound healing is becoming a more and more popular topic, but the origins date back to the 2nd-7th centuries when standing bells were used in Buddhist rituals. Thousands of years before that, these bells were cast in China, though their usage has differed over time. Originally, these bells were struck in religious and meditation practices and it wasn’t until more modern times that they began being used as “singing bowls.” These bowls are now popular with music therapists and sound healers as well as yoga and meditation practitioners. Focusing on the sound can improve concentration and ease tension or stress in the body. To compliment our singing bowl, we also have a sound machine playing relaxing sounds of nature. The ocean waves soundscape is our favorite!

Wellness through what we see…or don’t

Hanging from the ceiling is our “cloud” lamp producing soft warm ambient light. These characteristics of light help signal our bodies to relax and recover. Remote-controlled flameless candles can also be used in addition to the “cloud” lamp or on their own to add to the relaxing atmosphere. The realistic flicker of the flameless candle provides a focus point, which can help with centering one’s mind and clearing thoughts during meditation.You can also try a different approach and turn off all of the lights. This practice is called “dark meditation” and as the name suggests, it’s a practice performed in a quiet and dark environment. This form is a little more advanced, as minds can wander when there is no visual stimulus, but once practiced it can be incredibly rewarding.

Wellness through what we feel

The definition of wellbeing refers to the state of being comfortable. Our room takes this literally, as we ask people to take their shoes off and pull up a cushioned “puff”. It’s important to be in a comfortable position while meditating and focusing on posture is more important than contorting your body into a full lotus pose. Sit on a cushion or on our pillowy sherpa rug, the choice is yours. The goal here is to relax, so find what works for you.

Wellness through what we taste – and so much more

Wellness through food has always been part of our culture and services. We love our delicious healthy food, but we also know that wellness involves more than what we eat. When we planned our new building, we took this into consideration, and thus was born the wellness room. In the bigger picture, we evaluated how we can evolve the goals of our company and culture to align with a holistic approach to wellness. A cornerstone of our evolution will revolve around mental wellbeing, and continuing to try to break down the stigma that comes with talking about it – especially at the workplace. We’re excited to share our development with you, and this goal will be a continuing theme in upcoming content.

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