The New Age of Corporate Culture

October 24, 2020 | Culinary Experiences, Curated Kits

Well, here we are – now living in a society and world that has been forced to work from home since March 2020.


Pushed to somehow find a balance or new way of managing time between our career and our personal life. Of course, let’s not discount our colleagues and friends who haven’t been working at all since the pandemic. We’ve adjusted to the culture change in our lives, it’s far from ideal, and there are still moments of: when will things get back to normal?


Corporations are busily measuring 100% virtual productivity–not just in daily processes but of course, meetings and events are 100% online now also. But how is this really connecting you with your colleagues? It’s just not the same – and things won’t be for some time to come. In fact, a Gartner survey  reported that 74% of responding chief financial officers will be moving some employees to fully remote status – even if the restrictions lift in the near future.


So, what is your organization doing to reinvent your corporate culture into a remote work culture that still makes you feel connected to your teammates and your brand?


Sure, for some time online Happy Hours were happening with a frenzy matched with bad lighting, questionable backgrounds and occasionally being photobombed or worse!



Harvest Mule Cocktail Kit

Cocktail kit to send to friends or colleagues for a virtual happy hour


But now, we’re making the most of this new platform standard. It’s time to be strategic, mindful and, most of all, human in helping our employees, colleagues and even former colleagues feel valued and connected.


Companies who want to survive potential revenue and talent loss and maintain productivity are creating programs that connect their workforce virtually, physically, and sustainably.


In addition to the essentials of upgraded tech, connectivity, and communication standards, it’s worth stepping up your game with a calendar of company events that somewhat mimic the traditions from “the old days.”


Still schedule the all-hands, team building, strategy & planning meetings – but infuse them with activities that are going to support a cohesive, connected, and committed workforce. And don’t forget to plan for exclusive team building events too!


Here are some ideas to engage and activate before or for a virtual event:


  • A select few get 2 mins each to demo a skill, craft, or hobby they have at home
    Run a comp’ where everyone has to sketch one of their teammates and share the image
  • Go around the room where each person shares 3 things they know about another colleague
  • Plan a book club program and send out the book with a themed gift pack to fit the story
  • Run a demo with 3-4 participants who are each cooking a meal course from home – pre-coordinated
  • Organize thoughtful swag kits that your team needs to wear or display during your meeting
  • Organize thoughtful swag kits for your team to wear or display proudly during your meeting
  • Meal-kits and food treats – Of course – save the best for last!


Who doesn’t love being ‘treated’ to a meal from their boss? Depending on the time of day and year, you can even theme the menus along with dress-ups and decor – we all need a good laugh and a good meal these days!


So, up your game on remote work culture – especially this upcoming holiday season and #treatyourteam with seasonal, delectable, and bountiful meals from The Paramount Group.



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