Committing to our Community


The Paramount Group is committed to a sustainable future and improving the well-being of our team, guests, clients, and community.


We look to lead our industry in the pillar of environmental sustainability through our local farm partnerships, food waste diversion initiatives, serving and packaging options, culinary techniques, operational advancements, and the continual expansion of our on-site greenhouse. We are a company rooted in purpose and recognize the opportunity to create and educate around what sustainability means and why it’s important. We also have the responsibility to be a resource to our partnerships as they play an integral role in our efforts to be successful. Our success includes working towards circular solutions for the health of the planet, providing high-quality culinary experiences to stimulate the souls of our guests today and to continually improve outcomes for generations to come.



Read about our sustainability initiatives in our seasonal inspiration project, Seasonally.


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what we’re doing on-site
  • sustainable cooking practices
  • sourcing locally
  • our greenhouse
  • composting
  • food donations
  • recyclable or compostable disposables
  • water station on-site
  • eliminating plastic water bottles
what we will be doing
  • event composting
  • event food donations
  • offering reusable serveware options
  • working with vendors to provide non-plastic product packaging
  • replacing paper hand towels with linen or air dryers
  • educating our staff and audience

Let’s check on our stats


pounds of compost


pounds of food donated


local community members fed


gallons of gas offset


pounds of CO2 emissions offset


gallons of cooking oil diverted from landfills


gallons of water saved


water bottles eliminated

Our Growing Partners


During the typical Midwest growing season, you’ll find Chef Devon Quinn, TPG’s Chief Culinary Officer, browsing the locally grown produce from the farmers participating in the Green City Market. Not just browsing, but using all of his senses to make his purchasing decisions on the highest quality items. Usually outdoors, the market is held in Lincoln Park, but has recently extended the market to an indoor location, down the street from TPG’s headquarters. You can find the ingredients purchased from the market in TPG’s catering (Paramount Events), restaurant (eden), and workplace dining (fuelgood) operations.


Some of Chef Devon’s favorite farms include Nichols Farm, Iron Creek Farm, Mick Klüg Farm, Avrom Farm, and Froggy Meadow Farms.

Our Greenhouse


In order to execute flawless experiences, we like to have control over the smallest of details. By utilizing our on-site greenhouse, we’re able to ensure that the ingredients in every menu are truly fresh and all-natural. This allows us to add layers of uncompromised flavor and beauty to our food, surpassing every preconceived notion of what guests expect to be served at an event.


We use all organic practices, hand-pick daily, rinse with care and cool each item to an ideal temperature. Limiting time in the refrigerator helps to reduce degradation and maximize flavor. The greenhouse allows us to simulate seasonal conditions to produce bountiful yields all year round.


Our greenhouse also allows us to help support the ecosystem with the flowers we plant that attract bees, butterflies, birds, and other pollinators.


Our Greenhouse Glossary

Leading The Paramount Group through our sustainability initiatives is Marley Finnegan our Sustainability Consultant.

Marley Finnegan
Sustainability Consultant

Founder of Purpose |


With a background in the event industry for over 20 years, Marley understands the life cycle of an event and the impact it has on the planet. Marley is a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional, Certified Sustainable Event Professional by the Events Industry Council and privately educated by the creator of MPI’s Sustainable Event Strategist Certification, along with ISO 20121.

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