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Alongside Chef Devon at GreenCity Market

July 12, 2021


Chef Devon visits the Green City Market twice a week to hand-select fresh and locally grown produce to create menus with. An integral part of our philosophy here at The Paramount Group is choosing the highest quality ingredients for each dish. We take great care to ensure that ingredients are fresh, seasonal, and locally produced. 


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There’s “Pumpkin” in the Air

October 16, 2020


The air cools, the leaves turn, our wardrobe changes and so does our taste. There’s new aromas complemented with favorite flavors and recipes passed down through generations – it’s evident there’s pumpkin in the air. What is the heritage of these strange-looking melons – yes, melons – and why are we almost fanatical about infusing pumpkin into almost everything during the fall?


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Sauced by a Superfruit

September 20, 2020


Did you know that cranberries are America’s own Superfruit? First cultivated in the North East and in fact a staple of the Native American Indian diet for hundreds of years, the cranberry has been used for ingredients in food, beverages, medicines, and dyeing materials.


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