The Paramount Group is excited to unveil our employee wellness room!


We all sometimes need a moment to recharge, a place to meditate or pray, or maybe an out-of-the-box location for a quick meeting. That is the initial purpose behind our employee wellness room: a private getaway. But it’s also so much more. Designed with meditation in mind, our wellness room is complete with incense, sound machine, sound bowl, comfortable seats, cloud light, and even remote-controlled candles – everything one might need to refocus and re-energize.


We are big believers in holistic wellness – that is, striving for wellbeing for body and mind, through as many channels as possible. Read on to see how our wellness room activates our senses, and the role that plays in the overall wellness of our employees.

Wellness through what we smell

Smell is one of the most powerful senses and probably the most underrated. In addition to having the ability to transport us to a time when we encountered a particular fragrance, certain smells can increase overall mood and productivity. In our room, we have a diffuser and a full line of essential oils from ZaVbe. Different scents can trigger different reactions – we tend to focus on lavender, vanilla, or sage to help us relax. For a little wake-up or energy boost, we’ll use citrus, peppermint, or eucalyptus.

Wellness through what we hear

Sound healing is becoming a more and more popular topic, but the origins date back to the 2nd-7th centuries when standing bells were used in Buddhist rituals. Thousands of years before that, these bells were cast in China, though their usage has differed over time. Originally, these bells were struck in religious and meditation practices and it wasn’t until more modern times that they began being used as “singing bowls.” These bowls are now popular with music therapists and sound healers as well as yoga and meditation practitioners. Focusing on the sound can improve concentration and ease tension or stress in the body. To compliment our singing bowl, we also have a sound machine playing relaxing sounds of nature. The ocean waves soundscape is our favorite!

Wellness through what we see…or don’t

Hanging from the ceiling is our “cloud” lamp producing soft warm ambient light. These characteristics of light help signal our bodies to relax and recover. Remote-controlled flameless candles can also be used in addition to the “cloud” lamp or on their own to add to the relaxing atmosphere. The realistic flicker of the flameless candle provides a focus point, which can help with centering one’s mind and clearing thoughts during meditation.You can also try a different approach and turn off all of the lights. This practice is called “dark meditation” and as the name suggests, it’s a practice performed in a quiet and dark environment. This form is a little more advanced, as minds can wander when there is no visual stimulus, but once practiced it can be incredibly rewarding.

Wellness through what we feel

The definition of wellbeing refers to the state of being comfortable. Our room takes this literally, as we ask people to take their shoes off and pull up a cushioned “puff”. It’s important to be in a comfortable position while meditating and focusing on posture is more important than contorting your body into a full lotus pose. Sit on a cushion or on our pillowy sherpa rug, the choice is yours. The goal here is to relax, so find what works for you.

Wellness through what we taste – and so much more

Wellness through food has always been part of our culture and services. We love our delicious healthy food, but we also know that wellness involves more than what we eat. When we planned our new building, we took this into consideration, and thus was born the wellness room. In the bigger picture, we evaluated how we can evolve the goals of our company and culture to align with a holistic approach to wellness. A cornerstone of our evolution will revolve around mental wellbeing, and continuing to try to break down the stigma that comes with talking about it – especially at the workplace. We’re excited to share our development with you, and this goal will be a continuing theme in upcoming content.

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    Summer is in full swing here in Chicago. The warm weather, abundant sunshine (and the occasional summer shower) have created the perfect conditions for the plants in our greenhouse to thrive. 


    Chief Culinary Officer and Head Chef Devon Quinn take us inside the greenhouse for a sneak-peek into what you can expect to see on your plate this season. 

    What is the TPG Team currently growing in the greenhouse? 


    “We are really lucky with the greenhouse because we are able to mimic perfect conditions so that produce is in season all year long. I’m coming up on my first harvest of Chicago figs, even though figs are usually a September/October thing if you are growing outdoors. Herbs in general, most of them are annual plants so they only last one season, but when you grow in a  greenhouse I have some annual plants that are 5 and a half years old or so and still really producing.”


    “Seasonality in a greenhouse is very different from our outdoor gardens, but I try to keep a really nice rotation of things throughout so we always have ingredients. A lot of the things we grow are universal in flavor. For example, I grow a lot of things that have citrus and lemon tones to them such as lemon verbena, lemon thyme, and lemon balm.” 

    Blistered Shishito Peppers
    Cucumber, Corn, and Tomato Salad.

    What produce are you incorporating into the menu creation right now? 


    “The gardens and greenhouse supply all of the herbs and all of the garnishes that we use in the summer, and certainly some vegetables too. Things that grow well inside the greenhouse are mostly nightshades. Tomatoes and peppers, eggplants, tomatillos, things like that. A lot of the greens as well… we grow a lot of arugula and other spicy greens like mustard and such which I really like as a garnish. Not only are they beautiful but functional and add an element of spiciness to whatever dish it is that you are putting it on.” 


    “For the last year and a half since Covid, it has also supplied all of my needs for my catering company in terms of herbs and garnishes”

    What are you excited about this season? Anything that is going to be coming into season in the month of July that you will be excited to use? 


    “Right now we are in the middle of a harvest of beautiful Sungold tomatoes and things like that. For a number of years, I have been trying to grow certain species of peppers and have finally become successful. Aji amarillos, for example, took me a couple of years to find the right placement in my greenhouse to really get them to produce. We only usually get them in the dry form here in Chicago, so to have unique peppers that you can’t find in the Chicago market is really exciting.” 


    Angelica is a wild celery that we are growing that is just coming to its end and starting to flower and seed. We use the seeds and flowers to produce bitters for our beverage program. It gives a really nice unique flavor that is really interesting. Really interesting herbal notes and it kind of dances on your tongue that most people haven’t tasted. I try to find things that are not only delicious but also have some sort of interesting value to it.” 


    “A couple of other things that I am growing right now and really experimenting with are a couple of Southeast-Asian herbs, one of them being fish herb or fish mint. We also have a couple of Japanese plum trees that need to cross-fertilize and have variety. Same as my American Elders. I’m excited that the little cones on my sumac are starting to form. We are able to use fresh sumac which you can usually only get as a dry form which is really exciting. I can ramble on all day!”


    We hope that you enjoyed getting an inside look into what is growing in our greenhouse. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes footage and stay tuned for next month’s post when we take a deeper look into Chef Devon’s philosophy and future plans for the growing program.




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    DJ Brian X performing on stage
    Live Performance by DJ Brian X

    On June 27th, The Paramount Group had the pleasure of hosting The HighMinded Higher Love Tea Dance to celebrate Pride month. 


    This event marked the first occasion (post-COVID19) to celebrate Pride since the legalization of recreational cannabis use in the state of Illinois. 


    The sun was shining and the celebratory attitude was only heightened with many people enjoying their first event since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.


    The event combined elements of a traditional tea dance with cannabis education and opportunities to engage with cannabis brands. Chicago favorites such as Chicago Kush and Pet Pantry were among the vendors in attendance. Check out our previous blog post to learn more about the history of Tea Dances here

    Event atendees interacting with cannabis vendors
    Pink frozen cocktail
    Fresh frozen cocktails by The Paramount Group

    “Our events have a way of reaching people and communicating cannabis in a way that is positive”


    Traditional street food such as hot dogs and nachos as well as a charcuterie board and freshly-made frozen beverages from Paramount Events provided a fresh and unique twist to the party atmosphere. Live DJ Brian X and performances by drag queens lent to the excitement and color of the event. 

    “The event was a huge success,” says Phil Cooper, founder of HighMinded Events. “We took a risk to make a point that events are powerful ways to communicate cannabis and to show it in a positive light and ultimately break the stigma and it really paid off,” he said.  


    Eden was a great spot for this event,” he continued. “What we were able to do, with Jodi’s (founder of The Paramount Group) help by giving us that kind of space, was a huge success.” The big mural was a perfect background for our stage and DJ, and the flexibility of the indoor-outdoor space was a huge bonus, especially the AC as it was such a hot day!” he said. 


    “Creating a brand-new event in 6-weeks at the end of a pandemic is really challenging, so it was such a big deal to even have the event,” says Cooper. “We kind of made history”. 


    Special thank you to all of our sponsors and event attendees for making the event a success. Proceeds from the event were donated to The Last Prisoner Project and Affinity 95



    INFO@TPGCHI.COM | 773.880.8044

    An integral part of our philosophy here at The Paramount Group is choosing the highest quality ingredients for each dish. We take great care to ensure that ingredients are fresh, seasonal, and locally produced. 


    Our Chief Culinary Director Chef Devon Quinn hand-selects each ingredient for the catering and restaurant menus at TPG.  When Chef Devon isn’t tending to his own garden and our on-site greenhouse, he’s visiting the Green City Market. He visits twice a week to choose fresh and locally grown produce. “I’ve been coming here for the past five or six years and it is honestly the best part of my week,” he says.  Devon’s favorite farms to visit each week include Froggy Meadow Farms, Nichols Farm, and Iron Creek Farm.


    “I really enjoy talking to the different farmers and hearing about what produce is doing well and what to expect in the coming weeks. That way, I am able to plan my menus based on their feedback”.

    Founded in 1999, Green City Market was the brainchild of accomplished food writer Abby Mandel. Inspired by the sustainable farmer’s markets in Europe, Mandel was determined to create a similar marketplace in Chicago. Now, Green City market connects over 53 sustainable farms and food producers to the Chicagoland community.


    “It’s a really great way to get in touch with the community,” says Chef Devon. 


    Follow our Instagram as we follow Chef Devon each month at Green City Market. You can also join us on our next visit, July 17th! 



    INFO@TPGCHI.COM | 773.880.8044

    TPG’s riverfront space between Avondale and West Roscoe Village will be home to the group’s hospitality enterprise, including a new location for Eden restaurant.



    Located in a state-of-the-art complex, TPG’s new facility will feature nearly 18,000 square feet of flexible indoor-outdoor space that will become home to the hospitality businesses for which it is lauded. TPG’s brands include Paramount Events and Truffleberry Market, its two premier catering entities; Paramount Fresh, a fresh-market delivery service that launched to great success in the past 12 months; Lake Street Staffing, a staffing agency composed of all in-house trained and certified employees; and FuelGood, which provides solutions for workplace dining and includes a growing roster of corporate clients.


    The group will also resurrect its beloved contemporary American restaurant, Eden, whose closure in summer 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic was widely chronicled and continues to be greatly missed by its loyal following. Helmed by Chef/Partner Devon Quinn, Eden was widely known for its on-site greenhouse. In its new location, guests will find a much more expansive structure, designed by Chef Quinn and whose formal study of horticulture and passion for growing has always informed his menu. His newly constructed greenhouse and the surrounding area will allow for a larger footprint, affording Chef Quinn with the ability to increase the variety of herbs, edible flowers, figs, peppers, and other ingredients that give his dishes the level of quality and freshness they merit.


    Until Eden reopens in its new home in winter, Chef Quinn keeps the restaurant’s spirit alive with private, at-home culinary services, customized meal kits, and cooking for intimate social functions in its idyllic dining spaces currently available at the original location.

    Although this year has been harrowing for restaurants, catering businesses, and event companies, TPG’s founder and CEO, Jodi Fyfe, has used this time as an opportunity to reflect and rebuild. Fyfe views the transition as an exciting, fresh start as business steadily returns and the team continues to rehire.


    “Every business owner in our industry can relate with the struggles of the past year,” Fyfe said. I’m so proud of and grateful for our team – we pressed on, continued to innovate and do everything possible to keep our business alive and our clients safe, engaged, and happy. This move carries great significance for all of us – it represents survival, teamwork, rebuilding, staying true to our commitment to hospitality, and the future.”


    “Our new home is going to be spectacular,” she added. “The kitchens will be built to allow for optimal space and conditions for both catering entities and Eden. The design supports our commitment to sourcing and cooking with only the finest ingredients – and growing our own when possible. The front-of-house spaces will have flexible, indoor-outdoor configurations for private dining, which is important to the guest of today and tomorrow.”


    TPG’s new location is situated in a pocket between Avondale and West Roscoe Village. It is an exciting area that has become widely known as a dining destination for hotspots like Honey Butter Fried Chicken and the Michelin-starred Parachute. A fully paved, community walkway and neighboring boathouse promise high foot traffic and energy, especially during Chicago’s always-anticipated warm weather months.


    The growth and development of the area is an attractive bonus that aligns with the goals of The Paramount Group. Said Fyfe, “We’re excited for the future and opportunity to grow our community by engaging with and supporting the people and local businesses around us.”

    Sign up to our newsletter below or follow along on Instagram for updates on our move, as well as sneak-peaks and behind-the-scenes footage of the design and construction of our new space.

    High-minded Events and The Paramount Group are excited to announce the Higher Love Pride Tea Dance to celebrate Pride Month at Eden Restaurant on June 27th, 2021. This event symbolizes the first opportunity (post-COVID-19) to celebrate Pride where recreational cannabis use is legal in the state of Illinois.


    “Because of the pandemic last year we weren’t able to have a Pride or celebrate the new legal possibilities of cannabis,” says Phil Cooper, founder, and owner of HighMinded Events. “We thought this would be a great opportunity to do that, and the private outdoor setting of Eden allows us to be open and honest with our consumption,” he says. 


    The event will combine elements of a traditional tea dance with cannabis education and opportunities to engage with cannabis brands. Fresh, unique twists on traditional street food from Eden, a live DJ, and appearances by drag queens will lend excitement and color to the celebration.


    “I have a strong belief that live events are a very powerful way to introduce cannabis to people,” says Cooper. “We make sure these interactions are positive and responsible by providing education, but in a fun and interactive way that gets the education across,” he says.


    Founder and CEO of the Paramount Group, Jodi Fyfe says that the event is exciting on multiple levels. “We are always searching for the latest trends pushing the boundaries on what is possible in an event setting. This is such an exciting opportunity, and also demonstrates one of our core beliefs of inclusion,” she says. “ We want people to feel safe, enjoy and express themselves and this event is an opportunity for that.”



    Your ticket includes

    All Tickets


    • Festival food with a unique twist

    • Water and non-alcoholic refreshments

    • Vaping stations – Bello Vape Statio

    • Live DJ

    • Dancing

    • Drag Queens

    VIP Experience


    • Private lounge space in Eden

    • Deluxe Charcuterie and Vegetable board

    • Indoor Restrooms

    • Full Bar featuring Froze

    • Full-service High-minded Vape Bar


    Sunday Tea Dances have a rich history in the gay community.


    With roots dating back to afternoon high tea in England in the 1800’s, tea dances were a brief tradition in both the UK and the US from the late 1880’s until the pre-World War Two era. Michael Fresco, owner of The Ice Palace on Fire Island, NY, revived this tradition in his bar in the late 1960’s, and employed Cherry Grove’s famous drag queens to serve the tea. Created as a safe, alternative community space to gay bars and clubs, tea dances were a way for venues to avoid attracting attention as serving alcohol to known or suspected gay individuals was illegal until the Stonewall Riots in 1969.


    For Cooper, deciding to host a Tea Dance as the event was an easy choice.“I love to dance and I know lots of other members of the LGBTQ community who love tea dances,” he says. “There is nothing more fun than leaving the beach or brunch and coming to dance and being done by 8 o’clock, or being done early enough to enjoy the next dinner or social gathering. They are just so much fun.”


    The event will be hosted at The Paramount Group’s Eden restaurant and patio and will serve food prepared fresh in-house. Brands such as Consume Cannabis, PTS, 1906, Grenco Science, Stundenglass, and upcoming craft growers like Chicago Kush will all be in attendance.


    “I’m most excited about being outside and dancing. And having people together again”, says Cooper. “It will be nice to celebrate not just Pride but the last 14-months that we have gone through with COVID,” he says.

    Your tastebuds will be feeling the luck of the Irish this March.

    The Paramount Group is keeping their Irish traditions alive with a hearty corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage drop-off option. We have your greens covered too with our Emerald Caesar Salad. Don’t limit your celebrations to St. Patrick’s Day, you can enjoy a festive Irish feast with friends, family, or co-workers any day this month…Guinness optional.



    DROP OFF – $19.95 PER PERSON

    (10 order minimum)


    Traditional Irish Braised Corned Beef

    potatoes, green cabbage


    Emerald Caesar Salad

    little gem lettuce, avocado, broccoli florets, baby bell peppers, snap peas, herbs, green goddess dressing





    Irish Soda Bread – $14.95 per loaf

    traditional Irish quick-bread baked with golden raisins


    Shamrock Cookies – $3.95 each

    shortbread, housemade frosting


    Lucky Cake Pops – $2.25 each





    INFO@TPGCHI.COM | 773.880.8044




    Online orders available on tock!

    Let our seasonal menu options satiate your cravings for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

    How we celebrate special occasions and milestones has changed, but our appetites haven’t. During the winter this is even more relevant when people crave hearty foods. Drop off is perfect for special celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, viewing parties, bridal parties, and more!




    Brunch Option | $26 per person

    (10 order minimum)


    Winter Greens Salad

    Radish, Fennel, Fine Herbs, Sherry Vinaigrette


    Fruit Salad

    Oranges, Grapefruit, Apples, Pineapple, Tropical Melon


    Tortilla Espagnole

    New Potatoes, Leeks, Manchego, Garlic Aioli


    Cranberry-Blood Orange Scones

    with Whipped Butter


    Buttermilk Biscuits

    with Country Gravy




    Lunch /Dinner Option | $46 per person

    (10 order minimum)


    Roasted Beet Salad

    Spicy Greens, Pomegranate, Cara Cara Orange, Avocado, Sherry Vinaigrette, Puffed Grains



    Butternut Squash, Charred Onion, Mighty Vine Tomato, Rosemary, Brown Butter


    Braised Short Rib

    Potato Puree, Baby Turnips, Broccolini, Carrots, Jus


    Citrus-Apple Cobbler

    Chantilly Cream





    INFO@TPGCHI.COM | 773.880.8044




    Online orders available on tock!

    Roses are red. Violets are blue.
    Making your Valentine’s Day memorable is what we do.

    From the sweetest curated kits to a 5-course dinner we have your Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day needs covered. Looking to add on flowers or a bit of bubbly? Of course, we can help with that too.



    Scroll down to see what’s featured. Don’t see anything you like? Email or call to customize a special menu.


    Email us: info@tpgchi.comCall us: 773.880.8044

    Curated Kits

    Celebrating remotely with your gals or in-person with a special someone, our kits are a sure way to help make Valentine’s Day memorable. Shipping and delivery charges extra.


    Valentine’s Day Candy Board |  $59.95

    (Serves 6-10)

    Housemade cookies and an assortment of sweet treats.


    Valentine’s Day Mini-Kit |  $14.95

    (Serves 2-3)

    An assortment of sweet treats.


    Valentine’s Day Themed Cookie Tin |  $50

    Housemade shortbread cookies personalized to your Valentine’s style.




    Red Wine, White Wine, Rosé, and Champagne.
    Email or call for options and pricing.


    Dozen Red Roses | $45

  | 773.880.8044

    Ready to Order?

    For more information, placing your order, or looking to curate something custom.


    Email us: info@tpgchi.comCall us: 773.880.8044

    Ready-to-Eat 5-Course Dinner

    Our restaurant is closed, but that’s not going to stop us from celebrating Valentine’s Day. What better way to celebrate than by bringing the flavors of Eden right to your home?


    Eden in Your Home on Valentine’s Day

    Enjoy a 5-course menu with a vegetarian option specially created by The Paramount Group’s Culinary Director, Chef Devon Quinn. Ready-to-eat so all you have to do is enjoy!


    View the Menu

    The Paramount Group’s Culinary Director, Chef Devon Quinn, demonstrates how he creates a simple pasta dish that serves 2.





    • 12oz Dry Tagliatelle Pasta
    • 12oz Mighty Vine Tomatoes
    • 4oz Shallot, diced
    • 2oz Garlic, chopped
    • 1/2 teaspoon Red Pepper
    • 2oz Basil
    • 2oz Olive Oil
    • 1oz White Shoyu
    • ¼ Lemon, Juice
    • Kosher Salt



    Items Needed:

    Cutting Board, Knife, Pot for Pasta, Strainer for Pasta, Medium Sauce Pan, Wood Spoon



    Instructions Overview:

    • Chef Devon will walk guests through how to drop the pasta in boiling water while keeping it from sticking.
    • In a medium sauce pot, add olive oil and heat.
    • Add diced shallot, garlic, red pepper, and salt and sweat until translucent.
    • Add diced tomato, and cook until tomatoes begin to break down, and most of the water is cooked out.
    • Take off heat, and finish with basil, white shoyu and a squeeze of lemon.
    • Taste, and adjust seasoning with salt.



    Looking for a new experience on Zoom or in a private event space?

    You can book Chef Devon for a virtual or in-person cooking lesson. For more info: email or call 773.880.8044.